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Come to the National Pet Registry to register your pet, and prepare against your pet being lost, misplaced, or stolen. Learn more at our website!
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About Us

National Pet Registry – we are a global organization dedicated to the well being and protection of animals that we keep as pets.

  • Our main goal is to improve the connection between humans and pets.
  • The internet networks allow us to provide you, the pet owner, with a free service to protect your pet – the capability to register your pet online.
  • We have created a platform that permits the identification of your pet anywhere at any time in the event is lost or misplaced whether you have a microchip, a tag or no tag on your pet.
  • We depend on donations to maintain and enhance the services. Your support is appreciated.
  • The National Pet Registry is managed by BuhoPets.com a social media website for pets.
  • BuhoPets.com has selected the buho or owl as its logo (a registered trademark) to identify its services. The buho is a well-known and liked-bird because the benefits they provide mankind.
Protect your pet

Your pet registration with photos and characteristics that identify your pet.

If your pet has a microchip, you can still register with us, and we will notify you first or the microchip company if you are not available.

Thousands of pet species and breeds can be registered.

Enrolling your pet in the national registry qualifies you for a free BuhoPets.com membership with all its benefits. You can cancel at any time.

Pet Lost or misplaced database.

Pet Found matched to Pet Lost database.

A match generates an email to the owner of the pet.
Protect your pet



A website where you can gather all your pet’s digital photos and videos in one place. This is what Buho Pets is all about; bringing together all the digital threads into the comprehensive tapestry that is your pet’s life. You can share that life with family and friends. Our goal is to become the social media premier website for pet’s memories.


National Pet Registry


The National Pet Registry is for all pets. It is free and supported by public donations. The donations are used to maintain and enhance its services. Protect your pet by providing specific characteristics and photos. You would have a better chance of recovering your pet in the event is lost or misplaced. We are on our way to becoming the central website for pet identification. The website is managed by Buho Pets.

Protect your pet
Contact Us
National Pet Registry
c/o Buho Pets, LLC

21218 St. Andrews Blvd, Suite 411 Boca Raton, FL 33433